FOUR fearless members of Ilkley Swimming Club will attempt to cross the English Channel as a relay team this weekend.

Battling cold water, the tide and the world’s busiest shipping lane, Martyn Webster, Andy Wilson, Richard Brown and David Owen will depart from Samphire Hoe just south of Dover.

Their target will be Cap Gris Nez in France, the closest point of France to England.

As the crow flies the swim is 21 miles but, due to the strength of the tides, swims can exceed 30 miles.

The group will take it in turns to swim an hour each, climbing in and out of their support boat via a rope ladder.

In order to qualify for the attempt, each member of the group had to complete a qualification swim of two hours in water less than 15C.

Confidence is high ahead of the attempt, but the group are aware that the weather and sea conditions will play an important role.