ARTHINGTON Cricket Club will celebrate their 150th anniversary with a special match at their picturesque ground on Sunday.

They are playing a representative side from the Theakston Nidderdale League.

Arthington, who run sides in division six and eight of the league, are renowned for the length of their season.

They play fixtures on Saturdays and Sundays right up until the end of October.

Martin Binks, who at 74 still plays regularly along with 77-year-old Dennis Nash, said: “We checked out with the ECB to see if we play the longest season in the country and they confirmed that we do.

“It is amazing that we seldom have games called off in September and October and we often get cricket followers from all over coming to watch.

“Back in 2012 when we lost eight Saturday league matches to the weather, we never had one game called off in October.”