At the second Bunny Run fell race Tom Adams, above, fresh from finishing fourth at the English championship race at Pendle four days earlier, returned to his favourite hunting ground and promptly won the Egg Stage for the 11th time in 3:27, His pace was too hot to allow Jack Simpson and Max Wharton any chance of victory.

Tom went on to record his sixth Bunny win ahead of another impressive field of 290 on the dry cool evening, although underfoot it was tacky in parts.

Tom said: “After being pipped to the post by James Hall on the final hill at Bunny One, I came up with a new game plan for Bunny Two, I said to myself, now don’t go off too fast, think about the bigger picture rather than going flat out for the Egg stage.

“But when it came to the night, the plan went out of the window and as soon as Dave Woodhead bellowed 'Go', I was running flat out after the Egg Stage win.

“With no James Hall running this week, I was able to take the win with Max Wharton hot on my heels, so I decided to let him pass and tuck in behind to preserve a bit of energy for the Long Lap.

“It wasn't long before I nipped back in front and went for it. I felt surprisingly strong after racing at Pendle Hill at the weekend and had enough left in the tank to power up the final climb and into the finish.

“With all the up and coming talent shining through at the Bunnies, it’s hard to know how much longer I’ll be able to keep up!”

Results: 1 Tom Adams 15.17, 19 Ruaridh Mon-Williams 17:51, 21 Euan Brennan 17:58, 25 Mark Mon-Williams 18:14, 45 Lucy Haines 19:22, 48 Jemima Elgood 19:40, 61 Richard Joel 20:15, 70 Lucy Williamson 20:36, 76 Malcolm Pickering 20:49, 77 James Pickering 20:54, 80 Tilly Melechi 20:58, 95 Cameron Reilly 21:31, 101 David Schneider 21:45, 110 Jonathan Schneider 22:03, 111 Rebecca Mon Williams 22:05, 145 Joanne Williamson 23:32, 166 Andrew Jackson 24:14, 181 Adela Reperecki 24:40, 201 Ella Shouler Harris 25:39, 212 Neal Weston 26:25, 220 Peter Lewis 26:36, 247 Sophie Brown 28:14, 249 Anna Pickering 28:27, 254 Sally Pickering 28:53, 267 Fiona Schneider 30:18, 270 Sally Wright 30:45, 285 finished