THE Rotary Clubs of Ilkley Wharfedale hosted a Cabaret at the Wildman Theatre, Ilkley Playhouse - an Introduction to Skiffle, featuring the Fast Rattlers Skiffle Band with Jez Quayle, and special guest Rod Davis, ex Quarrymen, who talked on stage of early days in Liverpool with John Lennon.

They were at Sunday School together from the age of five in Liverpool, with Rod later playing banjo in the Quarrymen, to be later replaced when McCartney joined the band. The evening featured the Fast Rattlers, with Rod, playing a series of Skiffle classics, and telling the stories behind the songs, coupled with early film and video clips from the late 50s, showing the birth of Skiffle. The two music sets were interspersed with a superb Cabaret style meal, raising around £1,000 for local Ilkley and Wharfedale charities.

The evening was sponsored by The Riverside Hotel.