ILKLEY MP Kris Hopkins is backing a new crackdown on litter louts.

It follows the publication by Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom of the first-ever Litter Strategy for England.

Key elements include the targeting of Britain's 25 worst litter blackspots, new powers for councils to fine owners of vehicles from which rubbish is discarded and the upping of fixed penalties to £150.

Mr Hopkins said: "I am completely in support of this new drive against littering and the irresponsible, selfish individuals who believe it is for others to clear up their mess.

"Before entering Parliament, I was a local councillor for 12 years including four as leader of Bradford Council.

"It was a source of constant frustration and anger for me that millions of pounds of public money were frittered away every financial year to clear up litter thrown needlessly on to our streets.

"This money could have been used to support our schools, help older people or fund community groups. But instead it had to be spent on cleaning up filth dropped by thoughtless litter louts.

"I very much look forward to supporting these ambitious measures – including the stiffest possible penalties against the perpetrators – when they come before Parliament."