More remedial work on drains is needed before a supermarket giant can begin building a controversial new store, a council has decided.
Tesco has received approval from Bradford Council to discharge the latest in a raft conditions given with planning permission to demolish the old Spooner factory in Mayfield Road, Ilkley, and build a new store, to replace its current premises in Springs Lane.
The latest condition concerned drainage at the site and despite concerns raised by the council’s own expert, it has been discharged.
But it is still subject to several caveats before any work can begin at the site.
In a letter to Richard Schmidt of Tesco, the council said it was satisfied with plans, drawings and documents submitted by the company, but some watercourse work, including a CCTV survey, needs to be done before any construction.
And the letter also warned Tesco will need permission from land owners nearby to carry out any work, relating to a fault in a water chamber, referred to as number 17.
“To ensure surface water flows can drain in quality and quantity undiminished from point of connection to outfall, all remedial works required to the watercourse downstream of chamber 17 are to be undertaken and completed prior to development works commencing on site,” the letter says.
“The watercourse is subject to riparian ownership, consequently, the developer will also require consent from the relevant land owners to carry out the proposed works.”
Little work has been carried out on the site since the factory, which included a landmark Victorian brewery building, was demolished in December, as Tesco works through a raft of planning conditions imposed after a public enquiry in July 2010.
But despite local rumours suggesting Tesco could be abandoning its plans for Ilkley, the firm has maintained its commitment to the new store and proposals to transform the current store into a care home and commercial units.