THEY'RE as American as Thanksgiving turkey and cheeseburgers - but the Osmonds know where in the world to find the best fish and chips.

The Wetherby Whaler in Guiseley gave the American superstars, who were in the area for a charity event, a taste of the traditional British cuisine.

World singing superstar Merrill, of the legendary Osmonds, his brother Tom and two second generation Osmonds, Nathan and Justin, visited the Wetherby Whaler for fish and chips in advance of their performance at the Hearing Fund UK Gala.

The Osmonds, well known for hits such as Crazy Horses and Love Me for a Reason, are regular supporters of the Hearing Fund UK. The Group has produced 47 gold and platinum records with sales topping 100million worldwide.

Merrill along with Tom, who was born deaf but plays a number of musical instruments, and Nathan and Justin are due to perform at the Hearing Fund UK’s third annual Gala at the City Varieties Music Hall in Leeds on Sunday..

The Osmond family established the charity to raise money for children living with hearing loss, and their families, throughout the UK.

Merrill said: “People don’t always appreciate that it was because two of my brothers, Virl and Tom, who are deaf, that the family’s musical career started. My mother and father formed the group so they could afford to buy hearing aids for them.

“My own son, Justin, is 90 percent deaf as well, and that’s why the Hearing Fund UK is so important to us as we want to help others who have a family member with hearing loss.

“When we visit places we like to experience some of the area’s culture, which is why we decided to come along to the Wetherby Whaler to sample a truly traditional English meal. We all thoroughly enjoyed our fish and chips.”

Phillip Murphy, co-owner of the Wetherby Whaler, said: “It was a great honour to have the Osmonds visit us and to help raise awareness of their UK charity. We would be delighted to welcome them back for fish and chips the next time they are in the area.”