DISTGRUNTLED EE customers in Ilkley are bombarding the company with complaints after becoming increasingly frustrated at its poor mobile coverage.

Residents and local businesses who have contracts with the mobile phone network provider find they can't make or receive calls, access the Internet or even send and receive text messages.

One woman who lives in Ilkley and works from home is so angry about the poor service being provided in Ilkley she has set up a campaign on Twitter called Enough is Enough (@HAD_ENOUGH_EE) to call for EE to repair its poor service in the town or rip up customers' contracts.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said: "Those of us working in Ilkley are feeling the pain in our pockets.

"Apparently, EE has two masts in the town - one near the sewage works and one at the tennis club. It's the one at the tennis club that appears to be at fault.

"EE won't release customers from their contracts for "non-performance" as covered by The Sale of Goods Act 1979. I've been quoted more than £1,500 to buy out my contract for two mobile phones and mobile broadband.

"I took out the contract in June this year long after complaints were first made to EE about the poor service in Ilkley. EE says it is under no obligation to tell potential customers about reception issues.

"There is no online or telephone complaints procedure. You have to put complaints in writing and EE has up to eight weeks to respond!

"EE refuse to tell their customers what the problem is, what's being done about it and how long it will take."

She added: "It's not just me - there are plenty of folk complaining on Twitter and Facebook. The situation has been aggravated by the response - or lack of one - from EE customer services.

"EE refuses to accept there is a major problem and is treating it as "low priority"."

Customers with Virgin Media, Orange and T-Mobile also use the EE network.

An EE spokesperson said the local mast was fully functional but was currently carrying a lot of traffic which is affecting the signal quality for some customers in the area.

A full review of the mast is currently being undertaken and work is being done to improve the performance for customers.

A full statement from an EE spokesperon says: "We apologise to those customers in the Ilkley area who are experiencing disruption to signal. The local mast is currently carrying a large amount of traffic, which is affecting the service for a small number of customers. We are currently undertaking a full review of the phone call and data traffic on the mast, and working to improve performance for our customers as quickly as possible.”