Champion triathletes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee have delighted their home communities after winning more medals in the Commonwealth Games.

Fans in Bramhope and Horsforth were glued to their screens as the brothers won gold and silver in the games, before leading England to victory in the mixed relay.

The Brownlees are hugely popular in Horsforth, where they grew up, and in Bramhope, where they now live, and where they have a reputation for being outstanding ambassadors for their sport.

And the sibling stars have also proved to be ambassadors for their village after giving it a plug on primetime TV, during a BBC interview with Gary Lineker.

The village has taken the triathlete brothers to its heart and last year unveiled a statue to them.

After their latest medal winning performances Bramhope and Carlton Parish Council Chairman Denis Johnson said: "Naturally the village is collectively delighted with the continued successes - but we can't hold any celebrations until we get hold of them! It looks like they will now be concentrating on world domination.

"We, as well as others, are immensely proud of both boys."

Bramhope councillor John Howard said: "I believe that everyone in the village is delighted that they are both back to full fitness and back to medal winning success. They are great ambassadors for sport, for Yorkshire and the village. At the statue unveiling last October they were so clearly role models for youngsters and teenagers who had turned up with books, photographs and even a bike to be autographed. They were unfailingly gracious, patiently posing for an unending series of photographs with dozens of villagers anxious to have a memento."

The brothers are also well-known figures in Horsforth, where they grew up and where their family still lives.

Horsforth Town Council Chairman Martin Hughes said: "We are absolutely delighted that once again these stars have done their stuff. It is good for England and it is good for where they live, Bramhope, and Horsforth.

"We are very proud of them . We are so delighted to have two of them from the same family.

"It is a fight between two outstanding athletes. It is a great pleasure to watch it - and even better when they do the 1:2.

"It is an amazing feat for two brother to be at the top of their athletic training and abilities and to be continually winning."

Horsforth's MP Stuart Andrew has written to the brothers to congratulate them and to express his delight at their success on behalf of his constituency.

He said: "Their dominance over the triathlon in recent years is evidence of their commitment and hard work and the community is rightly proud. They are fine examples to people of all ages, particular to the younger members of society to partake in exercise and sport and maintain a healthy lifestyle."