A Horsforth primary school is set to double the number of pupils it takes to help cope with a growing demand for places.

Broadgate Primary School in Horsforth will be expanded from a capacity of 210 pupils to 420 pupils as part of a package of measures approved by Leeds City Council's executive board last week.

Councillors approved the expansion of the school with an increase in admission number from 30 to 60 from September next year.

A report to councillors also outlined proposals to ease the pressure in Guiseley with changes at St Oswald's and Guiseley Infant School.

Councillors were asked to "acknowledge that the governing bodies of St Oswald Church of England Junior School and Guiseley Infant School are to pursue the publication of statutory notices to convert both schools to 2 forms of entry primary schools, each with an admission number of 60 into reception class each year, with effect from September 2015."

The need to increase school provision has been a major issue of concern, and last year attempts to find a solution to the shortage of school places in Guiseley were made at a 'brainstorming' meeting.

Parents, headteachers, governors, councillors, education officers, campaigners and the area's MP Stuart Andrew got together to try to find a way forward.

The meeting at Leeds Town Hall looked at the issue of providing sufficient primary school places in Guiseley to meet current demand and projected increases over the next few years.

Three different sets of proposals have been brought forward in Guiseley and consultations have taken place.

A report to the executive board last week said: "During the time that these proposals have been debated, the schools in the area have formed a trust, and the legislation surrounding school organisation changes has also been amended. This means that the local authority can now only propose the expansion of Tranmere Park. Any other proposals must be put forward by the schools themselves as Trust and VA schools. The proposals to convert both the Infant and Junior Schools into 2FE primary schools would seem to offer a sensible route forward, ensuring sufficiency but allowing scope for other proposals in future should further capacity be needed. For this reason it is recommended that the school’s proposals for conversion to primary schools be supported, and that the capital costs of the project are borne by the authority to discharge its sufficiency duty."