Ilkley Talking Newspaper has been operating for over thirty years but is now under threat of closure.

This arises from a failure to replace technicians who have had to leave the organisation.

More than 70 people work in the various teams responsible for producing the weekly CD recordings from The Ilkley Gazette and monthly ones from The Dalesman magazine.

Susan Storey, of the Ilkley Talking Newspaper organisation said: “Appeals have resulted in volunteers coming forward, but all have wanted to become readers, editors or administrators rather than technicians.

“Ilkley Talking Newspaper was established by a group of ladies who used to read The Ilkley Gazette to a blind friend. This gave them the idea of creating a talking newspaper. A period of fundraising enabled them to buy basic equipment and more and more listeners came forward.”

Anyone wishing to volunteer as a technician would be welcomed. You would need to be comfortable working with a computer and be available for about two and a half hours on a Friday evening approximately once every five weeks. Full training is given, and rotas are flexible. Please contact Harry (01943) 607043 for more details or if you wish to receive Ilkley Talking Newspaper.”