Automatic number plate recognition cameras have been approved for a private town centre park, despite worries they could lead to drivers visiting Ilkley Station being caught out.

Bradford Council officers have given the go-ahead for car park management company Parking Eye to install the cameras at Station Plaza car park, off Railway Road.

The car park is owned by Retail Plus General Partners Ltd, of Birmingham, and serves shoppers visiting the Station Plaza shopping complex and Marks and Spencer Simply Food store.

But Ilkley Parish Council fears unsuspecting motorists dropping off passengers for trains at the neighbouring railway station could be hit by £60 fines.

The parish council objected to the planning application for the cameras.

Bradford Council officers said the parish council did not specify the basis for its objection or request the referral of the application to a planning panel for determination.

Officers acting under delegated powers approved the plan.

They said the works would not physically affect the listed station building, or appearance of the conservation area.

A condition was imposed requiring the cabinet associated with the equipment to be painted in a dark colour.