Patients in the Bradford District who have suffered a heart attack or stroke will be helped to learn more about their condition and how to keep themselves well for the long-term.

A new project developed by local NHS clinical effectiveness team aims to encourage GPs and other health professionals to improve the treatment and management of patients who have suffered a heart attack or stroke – to reduce the chances of their illness recurring.

Launched this week at a conference in Bradford, the innovative project has the support of the three local NHS clinical commissioning groups: Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven; Bradford City; and Bradford Districts.

Bradford and Airedale has a higher- than-national-average number of deaths from cardiovascular disease (CVD) and emergency hospital admission rates for stroke and coronary heart disease are among the highest in the country.

The planned new system will make sure that patients receive the best possible care, medication and lifestyle advice to help them continue their recovery and prevent another stroke or heart attack.

The project team will support GP practice staff to carry out more tailored check-ups, remind patients of the importance of taking their prescribed medication and encourage them to be as healthy as possible by stopping smoking, being more physically active and eating a healthier diet.