Residents of the Ilkley area are being invited to contribute to a fund aimed at helping vulnerable groups stay warm during the cold weather.

The Bradford Council and NHS project ‘Warm Homes Healthy People’, has been awarded a one-off grant of £322,150 from the Department of Health.

The project targets people who are at risk of health problems or isolation during the cold weather.

Those individuals includes asylum seekers and immigrant groups on low incomes, elderly people, those suffering dementia, young children, those living in deprivation, homeless and people identified as living in fuel poverty.

Schemes are being set up including a Bradford District Community Fund winter warmth pot, awarding small grants to community groups to help with winter warmth issues in their areas; food parcels and supporting people to eat well on a low budget, such as cool and eat sessions, and support for asylum seekers and homeless people, and managing fuel and poverty finances in crises.

People are being asked to donate to the fund so that it can continue to provide future programmes.

Local companies will also be approached for regular long-term contributions. Contact Becky Allright, on (01274) 431510 for more information.