THE SITE OF Jenny's cottage is a familiar landmark on the top of Otley Chevin.

Although the building itself is long gone a small part of the foundations can still be seen on the Chevin Ridge at Surprise View.

Also known as Chevin Top House or Farm, Jenny Hill Farm or Beacon House, the cottage was a tea room for many years and was well known for its refreshments and hospitality.

This photograph, from the archives of Aireborough Historical Society, shows the cottage in all its glory.

Archivist Carlo Harrison said: " In the 1820s the tenants were Joseph and Jane Myers. Jane was commonly called "Jenny" hence the cottage becoming associated with her.

"She would provide hot water for tea or even on occasion lend her own crockery to picnickers, her hospitality became widely known. The cottage later became a popular tea room, it was demolished in 1976.

"The alternative name of Beacon House refers to the beacons which are traditionally lit on the Chevin as part of a National chain at times of National celebration."

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