125 Years Ago - 1892

Members of the old Otley Philharmonic Union will learn with regret that one of the most useful vocalists and best of choir-masters Leeds has ever possessed, Mr Thomas Dodds, died at Hull at the age of 66 on Tuesday week.

The Otley Athletic Club, we are pleased to find, is in a sound and healthy condition financially and otherwise. At a recent meeting of the members, Mr W. H. Barker presiding, the balance sheet was submitted. This shewed that,including a balance of £78 4s 7d, the receipts amounted to £331 16s 9d.

100 Years Ago - 1917

The following are extracts from a letter written by Cpl. R. Redshaw to his father Mr Wm. Redshaw, Low Austby Farm, Nessfield, near Ilkley. "On the 9th of January we had the most severe battle we have had yet out here - in fact, I think as fierce as anything we had in Gallipoli. It was again a success for we mounted men but I can tell you it was a warm affair. They were well entrenched and we had to advance and there was not one little bit of cover. They put up a good stand but again we bagged them. This division is a beauty and I think contains some of the bravest men in the world. It makes one feel glad to be amongst the finest men in the Empire."

Amongst the names of the officers brought to the notice of the Secretary of State for War for valuable services rendered in connection with the war, appears that of Captain J. P. Humphris, younger son of Mr. F. H. Humphris, J.P., Grove Mount, Ilkley.

75 Years Ago - 1942

Mrs Norcliffe, president of Bramhope Women's Institute, has made a novel offer which will create considerable interest in connection with Warship Week. She has promised to give National Savings Certificates to every Bramhope baby born during the 'week', to the first couple to become engaged during the 'week' and to the first couple to be married during the 'week'.

Aireborough's effort for Warship Week should receive a fillip with the announcement that the Princess Royal will take part in the proceedings on Saturday march 14. Her Royal Highness has consented to take the salute at the mass parade of all Aireborough Civil Defence services in front of Guiseley Town Hall.

50 Years Ago - 1967

There are indications that a proposed scheme for the extension of the runway at Yeadon Airport to cater for "jet-age" aircraft will meet with opposition from people who are concerned about the noise factor. A letter to Yeadon Airport Joint Management Committee from a proposed Leeds area branch of the British Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise, claims that "by any criteria, the Yeadon scheme would be an act of unpardonable folly."

Expenditure of £17,325 on a "second-hand 1300 series I.C.T. computer is recommended by the finance committee for approval by the Council at next month's meeting. In a report the Treasurer Mr. W. L. Dewhirst commented: "This machine, which is being sold at 30 per cent of its original cost, will be about three years old. Mr Dewhirst said the proposed machine "being one of the early computers, is very large and cannot be accommodated in my present machine room. The Surveyor however states that it could be housed in part of the spare accommodation in the former electricity showroom."

25 Years Ago - 1992

Bus drivers always know hospitality is brewing when they pass a Burley-in-Wharfedale street. For they are treated to a daily cup of tea and coffee courtesy of two retired sisters. Mary and Margaret Keighley started their kindhearted act shortly after the Ilkley to Otley Hoppa bus, operated by Rhodes Coaches, began to pass their Oak Avenue home in 1988.

Rita Dutson did not realise what she was starting when she bought her husband Basil a book on acrylic painting. Four and a half years later she is running out of space in which to hang his work. The trouble is that although his pictures of Yorkshire scenes fetch up to £200, 68-year-old Basil just does not like selling them.