125 Years Ago - 1892

AN event of a very enjoyable nature occurred on Friday evening last when the teachers at the various elementary schools in the town held their annual ball at the North Parade Board School.

Yesterday morning, about 1.45 a.m., Police-sergeant Warburton, discovered that a fire was in progress in the interior of a lock-up shop situate in Cross Green. The buzzer was sounded, and a number of the members of the fire brigade obeyed the call with promptitude.

100 Years Ago - 1917

THERE can be no doubt about it, this island must make up its mind to grow more food. We have got into the way of thinking that we need not trouble about producing our own food; that other nations and our colonies will sell us all we want. This food question is not only going to be a question for the duration of the war, it is going to be a problem for some years. So it means we shall have to stir our stumps and see what we can do for ourselves.

In Ilkley and Ben Rhydding alone we consume not less than 550 tons of potatoes each year. How many of these tons are produced locally? Not more than 100 tons.

One of the lessons this war has taught us is our relationship to one another - how much we depend on one another and further how much might be done by a concentration of effort. This social relationship and brotherhood has been shown in the way those of the Empire, from Australia, South Africa and Canada, are fighting side by side, and not only men of white blood, but the natives of India, Africa the Maoris, and other coloured races who held allegiance to the British Empire.

75 Years Ago - 1942

A SOAP rationing problem has been discussed at a meeting of Aireborough Food Control committee. Mr J Jenkinson inquired if soap ordered and paid for before the introduction of soap rationing should not be delivered coupon free even though delivery took place after rationing had been introduced.

Full co-operation was forthcoming when representatives of the Home Guard and the Air Training Corps met representatives of the Civil Defence Organisations and the Boy Scouts, to discuss the position arising from the registration of young men aged from 16 to 18. Some of the young men over 17 who have registered are already acting as messengers on behalf of the Fire Services, the Wardens and the Police.

50 Years Ago - 1967

A GROUP of Uganda farmers recently showed their appreciation for the help they have received for running a new business when they presented Mr H. Ralph Parker (35) formerly of Ilkley, a director of A. Baumann and Co, with a number of gifts, including hens, eggs, and animal skins. Mr Parker is a former pupil of Ilkley C. of E. School and Ilkley Grammar School.

From his election shortly after the First World War throughout his period of service and then until his death, a former member of Ilkley Urban Council conducted a one-man crusade against the fouling of footpaths by dogs. As a shop keeper in the town, he had seen the manner in which his shop floor was dirtied by what customers took in on their footwear. The problem, therefore has existed in Ilkley for at least 50 years, and there has been no lessening of it.

25 Years Ago - 1992

NEARLY 200 residents in North Otley were this week celebrating a “victory for democracy.” Environment Secretary Michael Heseltine has decided that people living in Throstle Nest Close and on Riverside Park can stay under the control of North Yorkshire Council - and in doing so has overturned the Boundary Commissioners’ proposals to ‘move’ them into Leeds.

Otley Peace Action Group’s 12-year campaign against the American ‘spy’ base at Menwith Hill has reached the House of Commons. It comes in the form of an Early Day Motion supported by Bradford MP Bob Cryer. The motion reads: “This House congratulates the Otley Peace Action Group for its persistent campaign against the United States Security Agency international phone tapping and satellite communications centre at Menwith Hill.