125 Years Ago - 1892

Dr. Forshaw of Bradford sent to the Prince and Princess of Wales a copy of the Wharfedale and Airedale Observer, containing his poem on the death of the Duke of Clarence. Last week he received the following letter: - General Sir Dighton Probyn, Comptroller of the Household, is desired by the Prince and Princess of Wales to express their very sincere thanks to Dr. Forshaw for the touching poem he so kindly sent their Royal Highnessnes.

Temperance Home, Yeadon - There was a good attendance at the meeting held in this place on Sunday afternoon last. Mr. F. Fitton officiated as chairman.

100 Years Ago - 1917

In a letter to the Ilkley and Ben Rhydding Christmas Gifts Committee, Corporal Harold J. Ingle writes: “As you may know this country is strangely reminiscent of Ilkley and its moors, on perhaps a larger scale, and I could not help thinking of my return; when all these horrors shall have been things of the past, and when peace shall have spread her wings over the stricken, weary world. Rest assured that the kindness of the people of Ilkley was very much appreciated by one individual hidden away in a “dug out” near Salonika.

Last weekend skaters had a merry time at Ilkley, large numbers enjoying the sport on the Tarn, and also on the filter beds and gravel pit on the Middleton estate. At Otley the ice on the river gave way and seven or eight women and girls fell through into somewhat deep water. With the aid of planks and ladders they were rescued, though not before several were much exhausted.

75 Years Ago - 1942

Further consideration of the problem of “pooling” motor transport among the tradespeople of the Ilkley Urban District towards reducing road traffic and saving petrol, labour and rubber has been given by a sub-committee appointed for the purpose this month. Members felt that if further reduction were to be carried out it would mean cutting out delivery to the immediate local area completely and they did not feel that this was advisable for several reasons. One of these was that the average weekly grocery order to householders made a very heavy parcel and as Ilkley is such a hilly district to carry these would mean hardship for many people.

Frost, heavy falls of snow, quick thaws and frost again has been the varied contribution of the weather for the greater part in January. Skating has been enjoyed on various sheets of ice in the district as well as tobogganing and skiing.

50 Years Ago - 1967

The newsletter of the Ilkley chamber of Trade draws attention in the current number to a complaint that service in some Ilkley shops is not all what it should be. The news letter says instances have been quoted of shoppers being ignored and having to find an assistant. It comments “It is not surprising that prospective customers become irritable and walk out empty handed, vowing to do their shopping in Leeds and Bradford in future.”

It was quite an occasion to be able to present in a local church a film made by BBC television. This took place at St Margaret’s Church, Ilkley, when the film “White Missionary” was shown. The film tells the story of Bishop Trevor Huddleston, who after being the outspoken opponent of Apartheid in South Africa, was appointed Bishop of Masasi in Central Africa. The palm crosses which will be distributed at St Margaret’s this year have been made by Bishop Huddleston’s flock

25 Years Ago - 1992

Otley abattoir could close by the end of the year because of new EEC regulations. The abattoir on Bondgate, which is run by M and M Meat Services, needs £600,000 to bring it up to the new standards by 1995. Leeds City Council which owns the building says it does not have the money to upgrade it.

Euro MP Michael McGowan is calling for an end to smoking on all European flights from Leeds-Bradford Airport. Mr McGowan, who lives in Otley, said this week: “Clear and extensive evidence exists demonstrating that passive smoking severely damages health.”