THE tight-nit community feel is back once again in Burley, after the ladies returned to their stomping ground, leaving behind their temporary Ilkley home.

Burley's women side, the Trojans, have been welcomed back with open arms by the rest of the club, and in line with that, the spirits are high, and an important message is being spread.

The club's senior, veteran and junior sides will potentially form together this summer to form one club, so a unique "all as one" bond is formed within the community.

A long with that, Trojan's coach Tony Gill, who is an expert in the topic of mental health, is also keen to portray the message "mental health matters."

With the buzz back in Burley, and an important message to be told, discussing the return, head-coach Gill, said: When we came back to Burley, it was like, it's where we should have been.

"We've returned home.

"The club itself, Burley Juniors, have welcomed us back with open arms. We've joined forces and merged, the seniors and juniors together.

"Hopefully in the summer, the Burley Juniors section and the Senior section (men and women) will form together, to form one big club, as it should be.

"We are going to develop things in the community. We are looking for more coaches and more volunteers so there's a community feel there.

"In the whole community of Burley, we want to make it something really special.

"I'm thankful for Ilkley for allowing us to play there, however we are back where we belong. This is where we should be."

In line with the return, Gill is keen to portray the message, "Mental health matters", with the subject close to his heart.

The recent friendly against Thackley's Women Reserves, saw both sides come together to raise awareness, for mental health charity, 'It's Worth Talking About'.

Speaking on the matter, Gill said: "We want to push, to get this message across to people in the community.

"I think it's something that needs to be highlighted and addressed. Too many people don't know anything about it, and just brush it under the carpet.

"The message is pretty clear. It is 'Worth Talking About' and it means that every individual, no matter who they are, nobody's life is that unimportant, that it's not worth talking about."

The Trojans also took part in the social media boycott over the weekend, in a stand up against discrimination, along with other sporting clubs in the country.

Giving his thoughts on the boycott, Gill said: "We fully support the fact that discrimination shouldn't occur in any shape or form of life, not just football. I think that the way some people go on social media and use it as a form to discriminate, I think it's wrong, and hopefully the boycott is the beginning of removing this."

After facing off in friendlies against Thackley Reserves, Tyersal and Skipton Town, the Trojans will compete competitively for the first time in August, when the league restarts.

Burley have also been offered a grant from the Football Foundation to go towards goalposts. A total of £705 has been awarded to them.

Manager Gill has also asked any players, aged 16 or above who are interested in playing, to contact