IT is not easy to maintain a bright outlook during these miserable times we find ourselves in, but Ilkley's head of rugby Rhys Morgan is keen to use this time off to reflect and recharge his batteries.

He has been involved non-stop in the sport since the age of 12 so has taken kindly to the eight-month break.

Despite, still training, the North One East side have not played a competitive game of rugby since March 14 when they suffered their nineteenth loss of the curtailed 2019/20 campaign which eventually resulted in relegation.

Since then, Ilkley have been training under the ever-changing restrictions right up until the second lockdown hit at the start of November.

"Life goes on," Morgan said. "It has been nice to have had that break and reassess.

"We have trained since July and have probably trained as much as everyone else.

"We are getting like 40 lads down every night so it has been positive.

"Recent events (second lockdown) has meant we have not been able to do much.

"I would be surprised if we got back training before Christmas. That will be a decision made by myself and my coaching staff.

"There is no point rushing back at the height of a pandemic going into the festive period when there is no sign of league rugby."

That decision was made by the Rugby Football Union at the beginning of the month.

They decided that all leagues below the Premiership and Championship would be cancelled for 2020/21, meaning there will be no regular guaranteed Saturday games until next September.

The Dalesman boss was not shocked by the news with more important issues currently going on in the world.

Morgan added: "It was important to get that clarity.

"It was never going to realistically take place. I am glad they have made the decision.

"Most people did not expect much to happen this year for the right reason which is to keep everyone safe.

"If you can't see your family, but you can have 40 lads running around the rugby pitch, then that begs the question what are we putting at risk?"

So what do Ilkley do in the meantime without any rugby to be played?

Morgan believes it is important to keep relevant for the sake of the club's future.

He admitted: "Going into next year, we will look to keep training working in the restrictions which we have been given.

"The lads want to train and want to have a physical output in their life.

"There is some talk of this cup competitions coming in and taking away some laws like scrums, I suppose anything is better then nothing.

"We do need to keep revenue coming into the club so we urge the players and supporters who normally pay their subs.

"We are not going out with our cap in hand but we need these regular supporters to keep the club going."