DUE to the uncertainties caused by covid-19 and the prospect that it could cause further disruption,the Gordon Rigg Bradford Premier League have decided to cancel all regular first and second team league competitions, the Priestley Cup, Jack Hampshire Cup and Priestley Shield.

The league's intention is for each division to have its own league cup, played initially on a week-by-week basis before advancing ultimately to a final. All matches will be played on Saturdays with the season starting on July 25.

Each match will be 40 overs per side with bowlers limited to eight overs each. There will be one power play of eight overs.

Individual performances will not count towards existing league records as they will be recorded separately.

As for the T20 cups, the league have proposed to run both the Group A and Group B competitions on Sundays.

There would be a regionalised group stage followed by quarter finals, semi finals, and finals. Each club can expect to have at least three games.

The league officials came to their conclusion after studying the adaptations listed in the ECB Plan for the move from Step 3 to Step 4 on their roadmap for the return of recreational cricket.

It was felt that the integrity and standing of the competitions would be tarnished if they were played with teams missing, overseas players absent and alterations to the standards of the matches.

There is also the serious risk that players or teams may have to self-isolate at any time.

With the move to Step 4 there are adaptations to the game regarding players arriving at the ground changed, players having to provide their own food and drink, regular ball sanitation breaks and running marks alongside the pitch for batsmen.

The format for the league cups are as follows:

- Each division will be split into groups of six – except where clubs exercise their right not to compete – and this will be done on a regional basis to limit travel.

- Each team will play five matches.

- Points will be awarded as in league games, except that in the event of a tie the team losing the least wickets will be the winner.

First teams

- The top two in each group will form Pool One in the second round and will play three more games.

- The teams finishing third and fourth in each of the first-round groups will form Pool Two and play for positions five to eight.

- The teams finishing fifth and sixth in each of the first-round groups will form Pool Three and will play for positions nine to 12.

-The top two in Pool One will contest the final

Second teams

- The top two in each group will proceed to the semi finals

- The teams finishing third, fourth, fifth and sixth will face the team finishing in the identical position in the other group.

- The final will be contested by the two winning semi-finalists.

Full competition rules, plus fixtures, will be released once a club have indicated their choices on the latest return to cricket survey.

The exact formats of these competitions may also have to be modified if teams opt not to play. If that is the case, they will be notified to clubs as soon as is possible.