ILKLEY RU's vice captain, Chuck Ramsey, says him and his team have come up with the idea of hosting various activities to try raise money for the NHS.

Earlier this month, the Rugby Football Union brought the Dalesman's season to an early end due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rhys Morgan's men want to help their fans during these uncertainty times by running different schemes to keep them fit and entertained, while raising money for a great cause.

Ramsey issued this message on the club's Facebook page:"Hi all, I hope you are all keeping as well as can be during these strange times.

"Myself and a few of the senior players at the club have put our heads together and done some thinking (dangerous at the best of times I know...).

"Nobody likes isolation and lockdown, especially when you're used to playing/watching sport with your mates every weekend. But we understand how important it is to stay at home right now, to help with NHS and allow them to fight this virus.

"So we have come up with a plan to achieve the following objectives:

- Keep people together during a time of isolation

- Keep people active

- Keep people's spirits high and have some fun

- Raise money for the NHS

"To do this, we will be organising various activities over the coming weeks that will be intended for as many people as possible to get involved in (Juniors, Seniors, Club Members and friends of the club). Each activity will be planned to achieve some/all of the above objectives and all proceeds will go to the NHS.

"The link to our JustGiving page:

"The activities will be announced as we go along, and will involve club members, friends of the club and anybody who wants to get involved really. I hope you are all keen to get involved, have a bit of fun, and support in any way possible!"