OTLEY RUFC's National League Two North status remains "up in the air" after the RFU took the decision to end the season for all clubs below the Premiership in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

"I'm fully supportive of the action taken," said Charlie Maunder, director of rugby at Otley RUFC. "Sport is sport but people's lives are more important."

Otley finished the National League Two North in 12th place, third from bottom and in one of the relegation spots. However, their fate as with all other clubs across the country still has yet to be determined by the RFU.

"It's still up in the air on what will happen," said Maunder. "I have faith in what is suggested will be suitable for all.

"Obviously, we're in a tricky situation. In my personal opinion, the RFU's proposal to restructure the leagues should be brought forward.

"That would satisfy more clubs at level four and five, and it would mean we would stay in level four.

"I see that as a viable option. We would support anything that would retain our National League Two status.

Maunder said Otley, who recently defeated fourth from bottom Luctonians, believes his club would have moved out of relegation had the season finished as normal.

"We were fighting for our lives and I'm confident we would have got out of relegation," he said, adding: "We would be extremely disappointed if we're relegated from National League Two."

He also said promoting undefeated Caldy and relegating winless Scunthorpe would also be an option Otley would support.

As to what he expects to happen with the rest of the season, Otley RUFC chairman Paul Mackie said: "The last time something like this happened the RFU's version of the Pools Panel sat and determined the results of unplayed matches.

"Walsall were relegated from tier four and never recovered and they are now in tier eight."

Mackie also supported the Caldy/Scunthorpe option, saying: "In our division, Caldy have won all 25 of their matches while Scunthorpe have lost all 25.

"They could take out the results of both these clubs (presumably promoting one and relegating the other) and determine the rest of the table by matches between all of the other clubs."

"We'd be happy to repeat the season too," Maunder said, adding: "I think whatever solution is decided not everybody will be happy."

Mackie is confident that Otley can survive the Coronavirus outbreak.

"Otley Rugby Club is 155 years old and has survived through two world wars, stock market crashes, the birth of professional rugby and many other challenges.

"We have achieved this by members supporting each other in these times of need. It is this togetherness that makes us proud to be members of Otley Rugby Club."

As for the club's financial state, he said: "We have no money coming in but equally we have no revenue going out as the biggest revenue is the players and they are not playing.

"Also we have bar staff, cleaners and operations director Chris Payne, but they are all paid on a 'pay-as-you play' basis."

Meanwhile, Otley has closed its clubhouse until further notice.

"We understand for our members that this is a hugely concerning time for everyone.

"We ask you to stay safe and follow the latest government advice."