AN Ilkley triathlete has conquered Europe and is now setting her sights on world domination.

Brit Tate was a semi-professional cyclist, but after moving to London to study osteopathy in 2015, she found the challenge of balancing university and midweek bike races too much to overcome.

That encouraged her to take up triathlon again, having already done it for a year at 16. Her return to the sport brought her staggering success.

Through her four years of studying to be an osteopath, she won five National Age Group titles over sprint and standard distances, one European Age Group crown, as well as two World and three European podiums.

Discussing the past half a decade and what is next for her, 26-year-old Tate said: "With the struggle to balance my study, a part time job as a sports therapist, a long-distance relationship, training and a half attempt at a social life, it’s fair to say triathlon has been on the sidelines over the past few years.

"I have never won a World Age Group Championship title and this year I am focused on changing that.

"I am now working as an osteopath at The Ilkley Osteopathic Practice, so have a more balanced schedule, and have identified a lack of strength and conditioning in my programme as the core behind my running injuries.

"The partnership I now have with Pat Cowdell and Club Energy will allow me to have a space in which I can devote specific time during my week to building a stronger foundation for my running and that is what I believe will elevate me to the next level of performance.

"I am competing in the World Age Group Championships in Canada this year and I am excited at what my new strength and conditioning programme will lead to in my results. Hopefully a gold medal."