THE annual Bob Owen Charity Trial was the main attraction in West Yorkshire on Saturday when 86 competitors converged on the Parkwood Offroad Centre at Tong to compete in the Horsforth Motor Club's charity event.

The late Bob Owen was a Horsforth club stalwart for many years and a respected Auto Cycle Union official and Speedway referee. Apart from the competitors many celebrities were spectating like former Halifax Dukes speedway star Eric Boocock, who watched former road race ace Mick Grant in action.

The Horsforth organisers plotted a 12-section trial route in what was rather damp woodland. Fortunately, Saturday dawned bright and rain free and the main field were split with half the entry heading for the first section while the remainder were directed to the seventh section.

Graham Wilson's 11th section featured steep rock climbs that stopped winner Danny Gamble on lap one.

Only Olly Kendra mastered the section on all three laps. Only four riders managed clean rides apart from Gamble and Kendra. Harry, 13 and George Hemingway, 11, mastered the gradient.

Harry was not enchanted when he stalled his Beta in the final section where Skipton observer Mick Shorrock pencilled a five on his observer board. Peter Sharp had a cracking ride to win the Clubman B. He only dropped a five in the slippery Holme Beck.

That ride won him the Matt Shelley Cup which commemorates the legendary journalist and road racer. Clubman B was won by Over 60's ace Mick Kettlewell, who incurred one penalty on his final lap. That result won him the Harry Wright Shield.

Only six Small Wheels youngsters rode, as Otley girl Ruby Lawrie won the middle course class on just two penalties. Hard and easy route sections took heavy marks.

* Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club member Richard Sadler won the Northern Experts Trial at Wildboarclough, Buxton, on Sunday incurring just two penalties on

the 20-section one lap course south of Buxton.

The Leyburn joiner headed Sheffield's Richard Timperley and Leeds builder Liam Walker in the Expert category. Birstall motorcycle instructor Dan Thorpe was placed fourth.

*Airedale and Pennine Motor Club senior official John Rhodes has suggested a new motorcycle sport format that may just take off.

The club is affiliated to the Auto Cycle Union due to the connection with the Dale Classic Trial.

The format is an autotest on two wheels. The basic rules are road legal machines of any size, then not road registered of any size and the third class will be

juniors riding under 125 cc machines.

The tests would ride through and around a traffic cone route but with both feet on the footrests. Correct protective clothing, not Lycra, is a must.

Tyres are not under any rules, but noisy exhausts are a definite no.

A suggested venue is the Rock and Heifer car park near Thornton in Bradford, BD13 3RH.

Visit for all details of the Bradford-based club.