JENSON Young, son of former Ilkley resident Mike Young, won the men’s race at the fourth round of the Yorkshire Points Cyclo-Cross Series at Myrtle Park in Bingley on Sunday.

The Garden Shed UK-Scott RT racer won by almost five minutes from Shibden CC’s Joe Coukham.

Third was Yeadon's Jack Clarkson (Hope Factory Racing), who said of his race: "I got a poor start, which was down to me not being fit enough due to a change of jobs from a salesman to a joiner, which has given me a bit of a belly being on the construction site all the time!

"I found myself chasing but found my rhythm by midway round lap one, took the corners a bit better and it started to flow.

"There were some super-hard climbs but I was able to rest on the descents and it was a fantastic race and a fantastic day."

The 25-year-old added: "If I can match that podium and maybe get a couple more then I will be happy and come back even better next year."

Stefan Macina (Ilkley CC) was third in the men's 40-49 years' race and said: "I am happy with my position and tried my hardest.

"It is a really excellent course and dried out quite a bit while we were going round.

"There are a lot of places where you could get it wrong if you didn't keep your focus but the guys ahead of me were away so I was just trying to consolidate third."

Clubmate Arthur Wilson was seventh but they were well ahead of colleagues Michael Strange (15th), Ryan Tiffany (30th), Liam Rees (38th) and Stuart Christenson (56th).

Ilkley's Ethan Whiteside (East Bradford Race Team) was runner-up the junior men's race and said: "I am happy with second but it could have been so much better as I have just got back from holiday and am drained and also have a bit of a cold."

The 17-year-old Ilkley Grammar student, who finished ahead of third-placed Henry Hollyman (Otley CC), added: "It was a good course but difficult and saps your legs. With the illness it was definitely damage limitation."

Ethan's sister Freya was second in the girls' under-16 race, while brother and sister Ruaridh and Isla Aylward, from Otley Cycling Club, were both third in the under-12 races at Myrtle Park, with Theo Hart (Ilkley CC) 18th in the boys' event.

Mo Leeming-Sykes (Otley CC) was a creditable fourth in the girls' under-16 category - a position that was matched by clubmate Jake Thornton in the boys' under-eights - while fellow Ilkley member Harry Leijssen was 30th in the under-12 boys' event, a place behind clubmate Zac Wilson.

John McManus (Ilkley CC) came 20th in the men's race, while clubmate Tony Limbert was 13th in the men's over-60 category, a place behind Tony Wild (Otley CC), who said: "It was extremely challenging but I have enjoyed it and I thank the Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Association and Bronte Wheelers for organising it.

"I have only done it before when it was dry and dusty but today was muddy and sticky - more than enough of a challenge for me - although I do like the undulations or recovery sections as I fondly call them."

Alun Powell (Otley CC) was 19th in the men's over-50 category, while Alfie Robinson (Ilkley CC) was 30th in the under-14 boys' event.

Sophie Leijssen (Ilkley CC) was seventh in the girls' under-10 category, with clubmates Rosa Wilson and Lucy Christenson 10th and 25th respectively.