A TOTAL of Airecentre Pacers completed the inaugural Ilkley Half Marathon, a route that took them through Ilkley, Ben Rhydding, Addingham, Bolton Bridge and back to Ilkley.

The first Pacer home was Simon Molyneux in 1.43.30, closely followed by Robert Dawrant in 1.43.32.

Next came first female Pacer Sally Haigh in 1.49.07, followed by Nick Leathley (1.50.51), Cathy Stothers (1.51.34), Sarah Podesta (1.58.16), Margaret Britton (1.58.16), Jennifer Sebright-Pickard (1.58.30), Emma Sebright-Pickard (1.59.19), Nicky Dewhurst (2.00.24), Rhona Neilson (2.01.50), Simon Walker (2.02.30), Carole Keighley (2.06.20), Amanda Connolly (2.08.46), Sharon Elms (2.13.02), Rachel Jovanovic (2.16.47), Jill Howard (2.19.43), Carly Dykes (2.19.47), Jenny Mynett (2.24.09), Megan Dennison (2.28.27), Tasha Nishiyama (2.28.46), Janine Vipond (2.29.07), Bernadette Murby (2.30.18), Susan Hulme (2.30.19), Marianne Smith (2.30.19), Karen Kempton (2.36.52), Sally Russ (2.42.10), Ewen Pearson (2.49.05) and Catherine Tindall (2.54.37).

Three days later, several of the same runners competed in the final evening event of the Harrogate District Summer Race Series, the handicap race.

This was a six-mile race with start times determined by performance in the previous races. Slower runners started first with faster runners given a handicap.

First Pacer to finish was Andrew Humphries in 1.07.44 (net time 33.59, the second fastest time of the night).

He was followed by Kate MacFarlane in 1.09.40 (45.10), William Woodhead 1.09.53 (43.54), Robert Dawrant 1.09.58 (44.57), Richard Walker 1.10.04 (38.34) and Paul Grindley 1.10.08 (44.10).

Carole Keighley was first in her age category in 1.10.10 (52.44) followed by Simon Molyneux 1.10.14 (44.15), Liam Olliver 1.10.15 (46.43), Owain Gwilym 1.10.39 (40.10) and Nicholas Leathley 1.11.02 (48.02), also first in his age category.

They were followed by Helen Alcock 1.11.05 (52.36), Peter Branney 1.11.21 (37.34), Faye Cameron 1.11.29 (51.59) and Rhona Neilson 1.11.47 (52.46).

Debbie Bland was also first in her age category in 1.11.53 (49.31) followed by Megan Dennison 1.13.02 (56.27), Dorothy Darnbrough 1.13.59 (1.00.04), Sally Haigh 1.14.36 (50.07) and Amanda Connor 1.16.56 (1.04.27).

Bland was also presented with a prize for winning the FV65 age category for the whole series.

In other events, Owain Gwilym came 35th in the Baildon Canter Fell Race, Margaret Britton completed the Burley 10K in 53.39, Jemma Hampshaw completed the Sir Titus Summer Trot in 58.57 and Amanda Connor completed the hilly Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon in 2.28.48.

Further afield, Francesca Gatenby completed the Kelso 10k in 48 minutes on the Scottish Borders, whilst Debbie Bland was around 200 miles further north to set a new FV65 record in the Elgin Parkrun in Scotland in a time of 24.20.