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Without knowing the right hockey terms and slang, it can often be difficult to follow as the commenters rapidly comment on the game as it unfolds.

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Here is a list of the main terms any hockey enthusiast should know:

Bar Down – Slang for a shot that hits the bottom of the crossbar and then goes straight into the net.

Barn – Slang for the rink or arena.

Beauty/Beautician – A very talented hockey player

Bender – A derogatory term for players who bend their ankles when they skate.

Biscuit – Slang for puck

Break out - When a team regains control of the puck in the defensive sound and “break out” to push on and attack.

Celly – Slang for celebration – usually after a goal has been scored.

Change on the fly - When a team changes one player for another. A player cannot enter the rink before the player he is replacing is off the rink.

Cherry Picker – Slang used for players who stay near the center without helping their team in hopes of being able to break out a pass, with the defenders of the opponent being preoccupied elsewhere.

Chip – When the puck is shot off the boards, often as a passing manoeuvre or to clear the puck from its current position. Players can also chip to themselves, to circumvent an opponent.

Chirp – Slang for trash talk

Dots – Slang for the small “dots” in the area where the referee drops the pucks during face-off.

Dump and Chase – This is an offensive strategy where the goal is to place the puck near the blue line of the other team, which starts an offensive play in the attacking zone.

Grinder – A player who works hard to make up for lack of talent and plays physical.

Grocery Stick – A player who sits on the bench throughout the entire game.

Hand Pass – The act of passing the puck with the hand. This is only allowed inside a team’s own defensive zone.

Hat Trick – When a player scores 3 goals in a game, it is called a hat trick. Three goals in a row are often referred to as a “pure” hat trick.

Headman the puck – The act of passing the puck to a teammate in front of you.

Mitts – Slang for the gloves that hockey players wear.

Point – The area just inside of the blue line in the attacking zone.

Saucer Pass – When a puck is passed from one player to another and it flies in the air like a flying saucer.

Sieve – A bad performing goalie who lets in a lot of goals and has a lot of holes in his defense.

Slot – The most preferred scoring area which is located just between the face-off circles and the goal.

Top Cheese/Top Cheddar – A scoring shot that goes in by hitting the top of the goal and then into the goal.

Twig – Slang for hockey