IT was a brilliant week for the Ilkley Harriers following the change to summer time last weekend.

The first Bunny Run organised by Wharfedale Harriers took place near Haworth on Tuesday, April 2, and was won by Michael Matyon from Baildon.

Ilkley won the first ladies team with Emily Gibbons (under-15), Pauline Munro (1st LV50) and Elizabeth Gibbons (under-15).

Great results from other Harriers included: 40 Emily Gibbons 20:08, 41 Pauline Mubnro 20:14, 46 Elizabeth Gibbons 20:38, 47 Archie Budding 20:46, 52 Poppy Anderson 21:10, 56 Robert Budding 21:24, 59 Erin Doyle 21:40, 68 Dylan Shinn 22:22, 69 Isabel Marcina 22:26, 81 Steve Newall 23:18 and 121 Charlie Macina 27:08.

The second English Championship race took place on Saturday in the Howgill Hills - it was 23 km with an incredible 2070m climbing.

Kate Archer continued her excellent form to finished 128th (6LV40) in 3:27:10, Alison Weston 181st (5LV50) in 3:45:22 and Duncan Cooper 245th in 4:09:37.

Several Harriers have been training hard for many months in preparation for Manchester Marathon on Sunday.

Dan McKeown was first Harrier home in an amazing 2:51:30, followed by Dick Waddington 3:10:14, Lucy Williamson 3:14:12 and Helen Waddington 3:58:15. Lucy improved her personal best by 29 minutes and 43 seconds.

League counter Baildon Boundary Way attracted 19 Ilkley Harriers on Sunday too.

Won by in 1:23:06 by Matthew Hallam of Valley Striders, Ilkley's Istvan Jacso was close behind in fifth position (2nd MV35).

There was some great category placing with Harriers' Jane McCarthy LV40 and Pete Shields MV65 both second in their respective age categories, Rachel Carter was fourth LV35, Colin Williamson was fifth MV50, Adela was fourth LV55 and Petra seventh LV55.

Harriers results included: 5 1:25:59 Istvan Jacso, 42 1:38:44 Paul Castle, 48 1:40:13 Robin Nicholson, 49 1:40:27 Rachel Carter, 60 1:42:49 Colin Williams, 61 1:42:52 Jane McCarthy, 71 1:45:51 John Hayes, 88 1:49:18 Peter Shelley, 122 1:54:25 Stephen Newell, 180 2:02:08 Mark Judkowski, 220 2:07:10 Harry Sime, 222 2:07:21 Adela Reperecki, 240 2:10:11 Peter Shields, 306 2:22:57 Helen Doyle, 316 2:25:21 Petra Bijsterveld, 322 2:27:23 Sarah Hayes, 328 2:29:06 Paula Reynier, 338 2:33:05 Michael Picken and 344 2:35:35 Amanda Newham as 387 finished the race.

Further afield, Hilda Coulsey ran the Port of Blyth 10K , also a Bristish Masters AF event. She was placed fourth FV65 in a highly competitive field.

Much further afield in Canada Jim Ryder entered the Toronto MEC 10K road race and despite having done minimal road races in the past came first MV50 in 39:37.

There were particularly fast times in Parkruns from Nathan Edmondson 16:42 (1st at Bramley), Nick Helliwell 19:34 (Wetherby) and Rob Cunningham 19:23 at Clapham Common.