LOAN players in the Aire-Wharfe League will not be eligible to play in first-team matches.

A proposal to this effect by the management committee was passed 36-0 at the league’s annual meeting at Otley Rugby Union Club.

The rationale is: “The purpose of the loan system is to help clubs who are short.

“Clubs must promote from within into their first XI. Loan players should be players who are not able to get a game at their own club and therefore should not be of first XI standard in any case.”

However, under-19 players can be loaned to another club from a club that has only one team.

That was not possible under the rules that applied for the 2018 season.

Meanwhile, following the receipt of legal advice, the management committee’s proposal that the rule concerning the bowling of dangerous and unfair non-pitching deliveries be deleted was passed 31-4, with one abstention.

A loophole has been closed with the rewording of the rule concerning bowling restrictions.

There was nothing in the rules to state that a bowler’s maximum number of overs be reduced in the second innings when overs are lost.

That was passed 32-3, with one abstention.

The change to the league’s format next season has meant that it is possible for a club to have more than one team in the top three divisions.

If that is the case, the said club must nominate which team they want their overseas player to be eligible for.

Umpires’ fees for T20 matches has been raised to £25, but the home club must continue to pay the umpire in all league matches, with Follifoot’s proposal that the payment be shared failing as the home club has the advantage of making revenue via bar takings.

Calverley made a similar proposal that the fees be shared for cup matches, but this was also defeated.

Leg-side wides will not automatically be punished in the Chappell Cup (third teams).