FOR the first time in its 114-year history, there will be no Priestley Cup final after Farsley conceded.

The All Rounder Cricket Bradford Premier League's blue-riband game, which also involved Woodlands, should have taken place yesterday at Undercliffe.

However, rain washed out play and several of the Farsley team were unavailable for today's reserve date.

Woodlands have therefore been awarded the Priestley Cup on a forfeiture.

Farsley skipper Ryan Cooper said last night: "James Wainman is needed by Yorkshire's first team for a meeting and training day tomorrow, while James Logan is due to travel south to play for Yorkshire seconds at Taunton.

"Chris Henry's wife and kids have already flown to Sicily without him and he is due to fly tomorrow night, but it would have been touch and go whether he even made that flight so he was unavailable

"We also have a second-teamer, Adam Slater, who was due to play today who couldn't play tomorrow.

"If we had put more second teamers in to replace the absentees there would have been a massive difference in standards, and we are struggling anyway to get second and third-teamers to play on a Bank Holiday Monday, particularly at such short notice."

The Telegraph & Argus understands that Woodlands would also have been impacted by the final taking place 24 hours later, but not to the same degree, potentially only missing one player.

Their situation was further complicated because they have another match today – the Crowther Cup final for their second team against Hoylandswaine at Cawthorne Cricket Club.

However, the Telegraph & Argus also understands that, by juggling their resources, Woodlands would have fielded two teams today, albeit weakened ones.

The Bradford League's management board said of the forfeiture: "The league are very disappointed that this has happened and we hope it never happens again.

"We will be investigating the circumstances surrounding Farsley's withdrawal."

The Priestley Cup final has been held every year since 1904 and has always had a final, even during the two world wars, so this is the first time that a final hasn't been played following 114 successive finals.