Stockton 2 Ben Rhydding 4

IT was a cold and blustery game both meteorologically and competitively up in Stockton as Rhydding displayed impressive discipline and resilience to take three points.

The result keeps them in contention amongst the top four in the tight-fought North Men’s Division One.

Once again, Rhydding went down early against the run of play, getting pulled out of shape too easily and laying themselves open.

They equalised soon after with Charlie Smith’s shot deflecting into the goal off an unfortunate Stockton defender.

Rhydding took control of the pace of the game in the second half and took the lead with a Will Musgrave corner.

A spectacular tackle from Matty Birch led to a dynamic counter attack by Rhydding, finished off by Andrew Lorimer who smashed the ball home.

A beautifully finished corner routine from Callum Franks after a period of glorious stick to stick hockey stretched Rhydding’s lead to 4-1 and the game was over.

Stockton got a series of corners on the final whistle and finally slotted one to give them a more flattering scoreline, but Rhydding were the solid victors