ILKLEY Town Football Club have officially opened their new 3G pitch.

Bradford City legend John Hendrie and Keighley MP John Grogan were the among the guests for the ceremony on Sunday.

Ilkley Town is part of Ben Rydding Sports Club which has hockey, bowls, cricket, croquet and tennis facilities.

The football club is home to over 30 teams with many girls, boys, men and women playing every week with more than 1,500 people being involved in supporting the team on and off the pitch.

Town received a £376,613 grant from the Premier League and The FA Facilities Fund and gained further financial support from Ilkley Parish Council and llkley and District Roundtable .

It is not just Ilkley Town that will benefit, but also Ilkley Grammar School, Bradford City Academy and Burley Trojans.

It is expected that more than 1,000 sportsmen and sportswomen will use the 3G pitch every week.

Former Scotland international Hendrie, said: "This new football facility is great for all concerned, it's great for the boys and girls where they can practice their skills"

"When you have a facility such as this, it makes you want to get out with the ball and practise your skills so I think it's great for the whole community."

Ilkley Town chairman Richard Giles, said: "It's a special day, there's lots of advantages and we'll get more people playing football."