Preston 2nds 2 Ben Rhydding 4

BEN Rhydding claimed their second-successive North Men's League Division One win with an outstanding performance at Preston.

They took control of the game from the first whistle and dominated throughout.

An early goal helped Rhydding settle when George Gamble converted at close range after a clever pass into the circle from Matty Birch.

Callum Franks converted the second, mopping up after a corner into the roof of the net.

A beautiful corner from Will Musgrave was contentiously disallowed after the umpire saw an infringement but they continued with strong spirit.

Preston applied some pressure for a spell in the second half but Rhydding showed impressive discipline in their defending and rode through the storm.

Preston did pull a goal but it did not reflect the flow of the game.

Ben Rhydding didn't let the setback trouble them and Musgrave restored the two-goal lead from a corner.

Matty Birch got a well-deserved goal from another corner, having had another influential game.

A last-gasp goal from Preston made the scoreline look better but Rhydding had been superior throughout and were the rightful victors.