Ben Rhydding 1 Wakefield 1

In the penultimate game of the season, Ben Rhydding came out of the blocks with fight and determination in a bid to win their last home encounter.

After several thwarted attacks into Wakefield’s circle and continued pressure, Jo Ellis put Ben Rhydding deservedly into the lead after only nine minutes with a powerful reverse hit. This clearly shook the visitors.

Rhydding continued to press hard and should have put the game to rest by half time. Having had numerous storming attacks from Jen Wilson, Kate Hesketh and Rachel Doherty, the side were unlucky to not get the goal outcome they desired.

With a motivating talk by coach Issy MacDonald outlining a clear game plan for the second half, Rhydding came out expecting to finish the match with three points.

However, it was clear Wakefield were not going down without a fight.

Wakefield, now much more organised, stunned the home team with some good linking play and won several successive short corners all of which Rhydding managed to magnificently defend.

Wakefield’s unrelenting pressure resulted in a 55th minute goal.

Both teams continued to hunt for the win, attacking in packs, but unfortunately neither could find the backboard again.