Investec Women's Conference North: Brooklands Poynton 2 Ben Rhydding 0

BEN Rhydding may have lost 2-0 at the leaders but their performance was good in general, and at times was top class.

Both teams came out hard to try and get the upper hand, and Brooklands took no prisoners, with several of the visitors picking up injuries, including Fiona Crackles, who soldiered on after receiving a heavy hit on the hand in the circle.

However, after lots of chat from the Brooklands girls, a see-saw first half ended 0-0, with neither team taking advantage of their time in the opposition circle.

Not long after the second half started, the home side scored an easy goal.

But Ben Rhydding fought back with everything they had, only for some decisions to unluckily go against them, including a penalty corner being reversed.

Crackles dominated the middle of the pitch, even taking out a Brooklands player in the process, but the visitors just couldn't find the back of the net.

Brooklands then scored a second amid confusion over the umpire’s calls.