ILKLEY Motor Club members Andrew Pullan and Henry Kitching have had excellent results this year.

Otley’s Pullan finished his near-perfect year by winning the HCRC Historic Rally Championship with driver Matt Warren.

Using Matt’s Ford Escort, with Andrew navigating, they travelled the length and breadth of England and Wales to win nine of ten events they started.

Kitching ended his car trialling season by triumphing in the British Trial and Rally Drivers' Association (BTRDA) Grand Final last weekend.

In September, he had had overall wins in Shropshire and Wales to win the highly-prestigious Motor Sports Association (MSA) title, and a win on Ilkley Motor Club's YP Car Trial saw the Association of North Western car Clubs' (ANWCC) Championship secured.

Henry and his Vauxhall Corsa completed a 565-mile round trip to Somerset and was rewarded by winning the BTRDA Championship overall for the second year running.

Nick Pullan and his son Andrew won last Wednesday night's 12-Car Rally in Joxie, Nick’s Hillman Imp.

They just beat Clive Rouse and Henry Carr, with club president Neil Raven and son Adam third.

Ian Waddington won Ilkley Motor Club's Uniroyal Trophy the other Sunday, 42 years after he first won it!

Driving a Vauxhall Corsa, Ian, from Cookridge, beat Rupert North by six points, after 12 autotests in the morning and 21 trial sections in the afternoon.

Leon Humphries, Graham Hepworth, Sam Oddy and Peter Hepworth all took first-class awards.