DAN’S Den at Christchurch is championing the Sunflower Lanyard scheme, similar to that run at most UK airports, which promotes the inclusion of families with hidden disabilities.

The team at the soft play facility, Christchurch members and Helen Rhodes representing Ilkley BID all received hidden disability training from Equality Together Bradford last year.

Helen Rhodes, manager of the Ilkley Business Improvement said: “The Hidden Disabilities training was really interesting and I think this would be a great thing to encourage Ilkley businesses to sign up to. It’s such a simple scheme but will help showcase Ilkley as a town where inclusivity and accessibility are important to us. These areas are something the BID team will be working on to promote Ilkley as a place to visit for all.”

As well as sunflower lanyards and wrists bands, Dan’s Den offer sunflower stickers to the children to allow safe inclusive play. Caroline Kelly, centre manager said: “Dan’s Den at Christchurch’ mission is to provide a safe non-judgmental space. The inclusion of families with hidden disabilities, such as autism, epilepsy, Crohns Disease and many more is an extension of this ethos.”

Dan’s Den is encouraging families with hidden disabilities to ask for a sunflower to allow them to make accommodations to ensure visits to the soft play facility are easier and more pleasurable.