MEMBERS of Clarke Foley’s Thursday Lunch Club have been enjoying eating their food with new cutlery, which complements their new table clothes, thanks to a donation from Boyes and a private donation.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Clarke Foley volunteers prepare, cook and serve a hot two course meal to 36 Ilkley residents, many of whom live by themselves. They enjoy not only the food, but the social interaction these lunch time clubs provide. Cafe managers Marilyn Osinski and Shadi Nezhad plan the menus carefully so each meal is balanced, wholesome and of course tastes good. Clarke Foley is a registered charity and is always looking for new volunteers. If you would like to volunteer at the lunch clubs, in the Clarke Foley Café, on the reception desk, counting the weekly takings or in any other capacity call 01943 607016. Volunteers find the experience of helping and serving others very rewarding.