JANE Learmonth, 56, had struggled with her weight and self-belief for ten years.

Lost in a cycle of weight gain and occasional short-lived losses, she preferred to hide in comfy clothes at home rather than go out and join in with the world. She also found herself breathless in daily life and suffering from joint pain which meant she turned to comfort eating even more. She decided it was time to start living.

Jane searched online for her local Slimming World group and took the plunge. She felt nervous walking in on the first day, but as she sat through the group, she realised was part of something great.

The consultant and members were friendly and welcoming and made her feel at ease instantly. Food Optimising looked so easy to follow. Jane couldn’t believe how much she’d be able to eat including unlimited pasta, rice and even Slimming World chips. Knowing she would never be hungry and that her favourite G&T could be enjoyed after a busy day at work she was hooked. Jane has lost two stone 5lb and is now living her best life.

Jane said: “I can run upstairs, and I’m pain free, I can run around after my two-year-old grandson without feeling like a Grandma. I feel so much better in myself and even enjoy going out and buying new clothes again”.

Jane relocated back to Yorkshire in 2018 her first job was finding her local Slimming World group. She became a member of the social team at the group in Ilkley and has loved getting to know the members and becoming part of the community.

“In group each member is special, your weight is totally confidential, you can chat about your week and, whether it is to share in success, or receive heart felt support and inspiration I leave the group each week recharged and buoyant to face the coming week,” she said.

When Jane heard about the opportunity to become a Slimming World Consultant in September 2019, a chance to make a real difference to others, helping people to achieve their weight loss dreams and to live happy just like her, she couldn’t wait to join the team. Jane will be welcoming members at the Slimming World group at the Ilkley Rugby Club every Tuesday with groups at 5.30pm and 7.30pm.