ILKLEY Moor was the setting for a week of fun and practical events during the Easter break.

The events, organised by the Friends of Ilkley Moor, began with a conservation day in habitat management and footpath conservation. Participants helped clear dense vegetation from the bank, footpath, outlet pipes and stream flowing from the lower tarn.

The second event allowed young people to discover the different habitats of the streams and tarns, and the animals, insects and plants which live there. Animal tracking and pond dipping were part of the event. Wetland plants were identified and recorded, as well as amphibians and invertebrates found in the tarn. People also learned how to survey for mammals using tracks and signs.

All of the species discovered were recorded as part of the Big Ilkley Moor Survey. The survey is part of the Friends of Ilkley Moor’s new Nature for all Project, which aims to provide the local community with opportunities to identify, survey and record the wildlife of Ilkley Moor.

The project is open to schools, colleges, youth groups, volunteers, organisations and individuals. Anyone interested should contact Tracy Gray.

The week of events included a walk along the lower slopes of the moor, and the upper tarn. Participants learned about Ilkley’s history as a spa town and were shown the natural spring behind White Wells cottage, as well as the famous plunge pool.

In one event visitors were taught how to undertake a river corridor survey. They discovered the different habitats adjacent to the streams and were taught how to map the plants and animals found there.

The final event was the Cow and Calf heritage walk, taking in the cow and calf rocks, the geology of the quarry, streams, a small gorge, a cup and ring stone and Rocky Valley.

Tracy Gray said: “People learnt great skills on these events as well as helping out with valuable research and helping to conserve Ilkley moor.”

The events programme and heritage walks can be downloaded from the FOIM website or collected from Ilkley Information Centre and shops in the town.