A RED "no stopping" route is set to be introduced around Leeds Bradford Airport amid concern about a potential terrorist attack.

The threat of terrorism is cited as the main reason for the proposed traffic regulations being put forward by Leeds City Council. Congestion and road safety are also given as concerns.

If it goes ahead the new 24 hour red route clearway would be introduced on Harrogate Road, Victoria Avenue, Warren House Lane, and Whitehouse Lane. Fines would be imposed on any motorist stopping in the red zone.

A statement for the reasons behind the order says: "Leeds City Council has been approached by the operators of the regional Leeds Bradford International Airport to assist them in tackling ongoing issues along several routes which service the airport.

"The main concern is that the Airport could become a target for a terrorist attack.

"Furthermore, as a result of passengers being dropped off and picked up on the A658 Victoria Avenue (which travels under the runway) and Whitehouse Lane, create both congestion and road safety concerns due to those roads being unsuitable for that function."

It adds: "After careful consideration it is felt collectively by Leeds City Council, the Police and LBIA that the most appropriate restriction for such a strategically important route would be the introduction of a 24 hour red route clearway restriction."

Otley and Yeadon councillor Colin Campbell said it was difficult to comment on the security aspect as this was based on a report produced by the airport but not shared.

It is also being claimed that motorists have been stopping on Whitehouse Lane to drop of friends and family since the introduction of short stay charges - but Cllr Campbell said no evidence had been provided for this.

He added: "The proposals, put forward by the airport, will mean that motorists will not be allowed to stop at any time on the road. This will obviously be an issue for the hundreds of people who currently drop off friends and relatives so they can make the short walk to the terminal."

Fellow ward councillor Ryk Downes said: "The airport have cited security as a concern.This is a major issue which we understand but feel that there needs to be better provision for drop off/pick up. After much pressure the airport did introduce a free pick up and drop off point in one of the long stay car parks. However this is not as well advertised as it could be and at peak periods is often full so we would urge the airport to introduce better signage and to be flexible in regard to overspill parking."

The three Otley and Yeadon councillors are urging local people to comment on the proposals.

Cllr Sandy Lay said: "As stopping in a red zone means an instant fine we want to make sure everyone knows about the proposal.We need to make sure everyone has the opportunity to comment and raise any issues they might feel are important."

Comments can be made to www.leedstraffweb.co.uk/consult/main.html

or to Mr R A Hardy, Legal Services, Civic Hall Leeds LS1 1UR (Rf A76/RAHW0218).