BURLEY Parish Council meets tomorrow (Thursday, March 8) in Queens Hall at 7.30pm and among the things they will consider is the refurbishment of the Queens Hall and the village library.

A spokesman for Burley Parish Council said: "This subject has discussed and consulted upon for the last 18 months and although it was very disappointing that only five per cent of the village responded to the last consultation exercise, it is now decision time."

The recommendations the Council is being asked to consider are:

• Borrow £535,000 to refurbish the Queens Hall to turn the building from a Victorian village hall into a Community Hub to meet the community needs of the 21st century.

• If this is agreed the proposed extension to the front of Queens Hall will be used to locate the library while the library building is refurbished.

"These are very important decisions for Burley and any borrowing will have an impact for the next 15 years or so," added the spokesman. "Please come along to the Council if you can make it as we will be talking about other things but if you cannot make it please let the Council know what you think via clerk@burleyparishcouncil.co.uk

"It is sad that both buildings have been allowed to fall into such disrepair but both are important for Burley and now is the time to look forward."