AFTER the disappointment of the Annual Pancake Racing not taking place in Ilkley, on Friday, February 9 Ashlands Primary School decided to run their own races with children from nursery through to Year 6 taking part.

A spokesperson for the Leeds Road school said: "It was an opportunity to get all the children involved who wanted to take part. It was a cold event but completely worthwhile because of the enjoyment, enthusiasm and fair play that every child demonstrated. We would like to thank Tesco for supporting this event by donating the ‘wrap’ pancakes and for all the parents who came and cheered all the children.

"The children were sponsored and this is part of our fundraising for a new building on our school site which will be available for community use and extend our curriculum further through science, cooking and music.

"If anyone would like to support this initiative in any way for example donations, help or ideas with fundraising, offer your professional services etc then please have a look at the initial drawings on our website, or contact the headteacher, Andrew Soutar or Chair of Friends of Ashlands, Nicola Wharmby through the school office.