LEEDS City Council has accepted that new charges at its waste tips will not be welcomed by the Government.

As recently reported, the council's recycling centres including Ellar Ghyll, at Menston, are to introduce fees for leaving 'inert waste' from Monday, February 5.

The charges - which Otley and Yeadon and Adel and Wharfedale councillors have warned could lead to more fly-tipping - will apply to items like plasterboard, soil, rubble and tyres.

Leeds says it is targeting 'construction-type wastes' in a move that should deliver annual savings of about £240,000.

But last year the Government published an anti-littering strategy including plans to stop councils charging for the disposal of 'DIY household waste' - such as plasterboard and rubble.

Councillor Barry Anderson (Con, Adel & Wharfedale) raised the issue of a potential conflict with the city council's Waste Strategy and Infrastructure department.

The response he received states: "We’re aware of central Government’s position on this and their desire to see DIY wastes accepted free of charge at council recycling sites.

"However, although this intention was simply restated in the wider Government consultation on tackling waste crime and poor performance, the promised guidance hasn’t been forthcoming and this will still not change the current legislative position.

"Our position is that these building type wastes do not fall within the ‘household waste’ definition due to their nature, and that we are therefore able to charge for them, as do many other authorities.

"We appreciate this is not something that will be embraced by central Government, but since we believe we are acting consistent with legislation, and in light of the current financial pressures for the council and the need to provide savings to safeguard other services, we intend to proceed."