NEW charges are to be introduced at a council waste tip in Menston.

A notice has gone up at Ellar Ghyll recycling centre saying that, from February, charges will be liable on items like plasterboard, rubble and ceramic tiles.

The notice contained no details about how much will be charged but the move has not gone down well in Otley, where many residents took to social media to vent their anger.

Ward Councillors also oppose the move which they fear could lead to an increase in illegal dumping.

Councillor Colin Campbell (Lib Dem, Otley & Yeadon) said: "Charges are to be introduced for these items.

"The main reason is that, because of their composition, these materials cannot be sent to landfill and their disposal is very expensive.

"There is also an issue of private contractors (who are supposed to pay) asking residents to dump to avoid costs.

"We did not vote for the charge because we believe that it will increase fly tipping.

"Our view was that it was cheaper to pay the extra cost of disposal rather than to pay to clean up fly tipped material.

"I have asked for this to be looked at and we raised the issue in council but, unfortunately, the controlling group did not agree."

Paul Haigh raised the issue on Facebook last week and it attracted dozens of comments.

He said: "In my view this will only encourage fly tipping."

Many agreed. Patrick Lister, also posting on the Otley - Our Town page, said: "Most stupid thing I have heard for years, just going to encourage fly tipping,

Carol Sharp said: "I agree, people won't pay, council tax should cover the cost of waste from house holders."

Others, however, expressed some sympathy for the council's position.

Stewart Ellinson said: "Sadly, with the rampant cuts which are being forced upon local councils, they are forced to monetise more and more things.

"Leeds City Council has lost 50 per cent of its block grant since 2010, so these things are to be expected if we are to have any local services left at all."