WEST Yorkshire Police is kicking off 2018 by recruiting new Special Constables to strengthen links between the police and the community.

The recruitment window will run from Friday, January 5, to Friday, January 26.

The police are keen to received applications from people across a spectrum of diverse groups, such as from the LGBT community, people with disabilities, and people from ethnic minorities to join the force, as part of its commitment to representing the community it serves.

Assistant Chief Constable Angela Williams said: “As we go into the New Year, it is a perfect time for some to find new and exciting career opportunities.

“Becoming a Special Constable is a privilege, like any other role within the policing family and it can open a variety of opportunities for personal and professional development.

"New recruits will undergo the same training as police officers so they will gain a real insight into the day-to-day life at West Yorkshire Police.

"Over the past 18 months, West Yorkshire Police has been able to recruit again for police officers, special constables and PCSOs.

"The scale of this recruitment offers a real opportunity to increase the diversity of our workforce and better represent the communities we serve. "However, everyone will go through the exact same application process to ensure everyone is treated fairly and equally.

“Volunteering for West Yorkshire Police can lead to other roles within the Force including Roads Policing Teams, Response officers and Neighbourhood Policing Teams. There really is something for everyone.”

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, added: “I know what an amazing and vital job Specials volunteers do for West Yorkshire Police and for our communities and would encourage anyone that has an interest in keeping West Yorkshire safe and feeling safe applying for these roles which can be hugely rewarding all round.

"I’m very pleased we have been able to recruit in recent months and I want to see West Yorkshire Police harness even more talent from all our communities, which often can provide that vital link and visibility within our neighbourhoods.

“So if you are looking to make a difference in our communities and bring about real and positive change please apply to West Yorkshire Police to become a Special Constable. West Yorkshire Police is waiting to hear from you in taking that first step.”

The role of a Special Constable is unpaid, and volunteers are expected to work at least 16 hours a month. They hold the same powers as a regular police officer, and can arrest people and also drive police cars.

For more information about the Special Constabulary or how to apply, visit westyorkshire.police.uk/jobs-volunteer/special-constables.