RETIRING fundraisers were given a special send off when they held their last official event.

Pam and Trevor Gledhill have held a number of fundraisers at Morrison's in Horsforth to raise money for the MS therapy centre, which used to be based at the Airedale Air conditioning site in Rawdon. The centre lost its home after the fire at Airedale four years ago.

Writing on the centre's webpage the couple say: "A huge thanks to all the staff and customers at Morrisons Horsforth for their support with our charity collections over the last eight years.

"We received a staggering £40,629.84 in donations over this period from this one store.

"We have now retired from fundraising and handed our collection buckets to a new coordinator. Thanks for the wonderful send off we received, anyone would think we were part of the staff."

The store's community champion Sarah Marston said: "I first met Trevor whilst I was working at Kirkstall Morrison's and he was fund raising for the centre. When I moved to Horsforth they came too. At the time they were sited in the Airedale Air Conditioning plant on Rawdon Road that burnt down. We were able to do a larger fundraiser to help them with the extra costs that have been incurred.

"Pam is a MS sufferer and uses the centre, they are an amazing couple, our customers love them, buy them chocolates and always donate generously.

"Their last official fund raiser was on October 5, all the staff had a whip round and signed their card. We do see them as part of our Morrison's family and do miss them."