A DISTRICT MP is calling for mobile phone signals to be blocked on prison estates.

Philip Davies – whose Shipley constituency includes Burley and Menston – says that despite a ban on mobile phones in jails, many are still getting through.

He is sponsoring a Private Member's Bill which would close current loopholes in the law.

Nationally, the number of mobile phones or SIM cards being found in prisons has soared from 6,758 in 2010 to 16,987 in 2015.

At Leeds Prison, 246 were discovered during the five-year period.

Mr Davies said: "Phones are getting into prisons somehow.

"We know they are being used to co-ordinate criminal activity on the outside.

"We also know victims and their families are being intimidated when they should be protected and the safety of prison staff and their families needs to be assured.

"Phone numbers and signals can be blocked, so even if prison guards cannot find the contraband, the prisoner will still not be able to use the handset.

"This blockage needs to happen to protect victims and prison staff and reduce crime."

The Private Member's Bill would see technology tailored to each prison estate.

A physical signal blocker could be put in place, or prison bosses may work with telecoms providers to use other methods.

The Bill is due to be debated on December 1.