A warning has been given to fans paying for unofficial resale tickets for the Women's Euros final on Sunday (July 31) due to the risk of being turned away from the stadium.

Adam French, the personal finance editor at The Money Edit website, said: “Tickets for Sunday’s final at Wembley are in hot demand.

“But the risk is clear, you could pay hundreds of pounds for unofficial resale tickets and not get in.”

He said if fans cannot get tickets officially “you’re better off watching the match at home”.

The Money Edit said those who missed out on the chance to buy a ticket for the final may have the legitimate option of finding a friend or colleague with tickets who cannot attend, if they are willing to transfer the tickets.

Ilkley Gazette: England will face Germany in the final after the defeated Sweden 4-0 (PA)England will face Germany in the final after the defeated Sweden 4-0 (PA)

However, tickets should be transferred before they “activate”.

The website also suggested people should not forget their photo ID, in case additional checks are needed on the day.

It also warned that fraudsters may try to sell duplicate printouts of legitimate tickets, or complete fakes, to passers-by on the street.

A Uefa spokesperson told The Money Edit: “All tickets to the Uefa Women’s Euro 2022 final are issued by Uefa and are subject to strict terms and conditions which prohibit their unauthorised advertisement, resale or transfer.”

The spokesperson said Uefa actively enforces its ticketing terms and conditions, including by monitoring the internet, and will take action (including cancelling tickets) where unauthorised advertisements are identified.